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Development Services

An online presence is pivotal for any business, and we provide the android application design and development services that will make your firm stand out from the rest.
Objective Focused Custom Android App Development Services
Walzix Digitals brings together thinkers and decision makers who work together to form the best possible android app development team for your company. We focus on helping you achieve you goals, one step at a time.
Smartphone App Development
We build innovative mobile apps that ensure that your business objectives are met, for different android smartphones, with ensured performance.
Android Tablet Application Development
We build specific goal based Android tablet apps, with a smooth user UI, by implementing the latest technologies and reliable technical strategies.
Android TV Application Development
We create customized Android TV apps built to deliver your message to the viewer, with cross-platform functionality, improving reach.
Learn how our Android App Development Team works to help you achieve your potential
Our team learns about you, your goals, and how to best work together in order to keep the process smooth. After thorough discussion, strategizing, and different solutions are pitched, we gather your finalized requirements and lock the deal with an NDA.
Your Android app is built with an initial draft design, with individual UI/UX features scrutinized by our tech experts. These designs are shared with you, and a finalized design is chosen for the next step.
The Alpha version of the Android app is coded, with a Beta version separately coded for the client. This version is reviewed by you, and the app is tested in order to achieve complete bug free deployment of the app. We are committed to getting it right the first time.
The app is test, and submitted on Google Play Store, with the database deployed on the required server. After the app has been completely reviewed, the app is made live.
Step Stones on the Way to Greatness
Our apps are built to cater to different industries globally, and the applications are endless. We are not limited to a single industry, but rather focus on the value proposition your business offers.
Android Game Apps
Our Android game development team is familiar with the challenges that many businesses confront when attempting to transform a basic game concept into a memorable experience. We make Android games that are almost bug-free and meant to leave a lasting impact on the user.
Walzix assures that every health and fitness Android app is well-designed and gives useful feedback to help users and society. Achieve the peak of health with dynamic feedback on your activity.
It might be difficult to bridge the gap between the business and the client, but our Andorid apps ensure that your company's app makes purchasing and selling that much easier! Increase your consumer base and earnings by providing a fluid and engaged customer experience.
Social Media
We are built to socialize, and our social Android applications ensure that users rapidly adjust to the user-friendly design, and our well-researched social media methods ensure that the app becomes a part of the user’s daily life.
We design Android apps that make things easier and more pleasurable for both users and clients in the worldwide travel sector. Users will have a wonderful experience when they use your well-designed travel app, from reserving a stay to visiting local hotspots.
With technical advancements in the education industry occurring on a daily basis, we create educational Android applications that help students and instructors throughout the world to make studying not only simpler, but also entertaining.
Our Technology Stack
A tech stack is the combination of technologies a company uses to build and run an application or project. Sometimes called a “solutions stack,” a tech stack typically consists of programming languages, frameworks, a database, front-end tools, back-end tools, and applications connected via APIs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I the owner of the final app and all its related code?

All of our clients have complete control of the code for their mobile app or programme. Unless you form a cooperation agreement with us, we don't own the code.

What is the resource allocation for my Android app?

Our strategists decide what of intellectual capital would be allocated to your project, and that is based on the scope and urgency of your project. The final team is selected from different department in our company, who seem the best fit for your application development project.

How will I be kept in the loop during the development process?

We ensure that the client is kept well informed about the project’s status, and this is achieved through presentations, online or physical meetings, and project management software.

What if I need to implement changes in my project midway?

We understand that today’s dynamic environment requires businesses to always be a step ahead. That’s why we ensure that every detail is catered to in the initial meeting, and any further queries that require changing have minimal impact on the deadline and overall progress of the project.

Will I receive any technical assistance after the project is completed?

Yes, we provide free technical project completion for a time period that is pre-decided. After the pre-decided term, if you have any technical or maintenance concerns, we provide support and maintenance services that our experts can assist you with.

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