From planning to deployment, our expert team ensures that all your requirements are fully implemented, and positive business growth follows the application of your software.


Customized digital solutions with cutting edge software development frameworks

IOS App Development
Our team ensures that your application achieves your goals, and provides an unparalleled user experience. With the latest software development tools, we achieve just that.
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Android Development
We know how broken apps can lead to reduced customer satisfaction, and that’s why we make sure you get the best mobile app development services for your application needs.
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Blockchain Development
Adaptive blockchain technology can help bridge the gap for businesses suffering from speed and security issues. From IoT to AI, make use of the best blockchain solutions.
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Web App Development
When premade solutions aren’t enough, full stack development fills the gap by catering to every detail. Make use of web solutions that are designed to be aesthetic, reactive, and goal achieving.
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Our Journey
From a small office in Karachi, our team started out in 2019. We experienced rapid growth during the pandemic, when several businesses reached out to us for various software and application development projects. Today, we proudly stand 50+ strong, and are capable of creating anything and everything you require.
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Turning concepts to reality is our bread and butter. And our clients love it.

Muller & Phipps Career Portal
A job portal that would simplify the job search process for job seekers and employers. The portal was required to have a career page for employers to post job openings and a CV Dropbox for applicants to submit their applications, along with a centralized dashboard for the admin to manage and track the applications.
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A card rating database designed for collectors and card enthusiasts. View real time stats, browse through the latest card statistics, and have the complete database information of millions of cards, in the palm of your hand.
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SHIBA INU Finder is a geolocation based website where users can register and view stores in their vicinity that accept SHIBA INU tokens as payment. Users can navigate their area's map and view all available stores at utmost ease.
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Mark-it is an e-commerce-based app enabling retailers to provide both products and services on an all-inclusive app, allowing users to both buy products and book services from their mobile phones.
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A streamlined platform created using agile methodologies in order to provide a one stop solution for potential buyers. Users can browse through a collection of luxury apparel, place orders, and have them delivered, all through a single platform.
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Into The Metaverse

Remember the 2009 movie WALL-E, which showed a bleak future where humans are unable to move, simply living on the experience that machines churned out for them? Why does that seem to be the future we’re moving towards?
The Metaverse: a digital home away from home?
It’s been a few years since I played the Sims, and I remember loving being able to build what I wanted, the way I wanted it. And some part of me is hyped for Facebook’s latest innovation, the Metaverse.

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